Noah Posnick

I grew up on a soundstage and, by my tenth birthday, the thing I wanted most was an edit suite. Soon, my skateboarding videos evolved into a working reel of spec spots while I was at NYU: Tisch film school. Advertising and film production is something I've been pursuing since birth (whether I knew it or not).

For the last 8+ years I've directed and produced projects ranging from international commercial campaigns to targeted social videos for a diverse set of clients: Fisher-Price, Laura Mercier, Netflix, Skype, Unilever, Fidelity, Hasbro, CVS, GlaxoSmithKline, Godiva, and Vitamin Water.

I've come up with the concepts and successfully pitched them directly to the client, I've put complex estimates and schedules together and gotten out of jams thanks to the good people I surround myself with. I've cast and directed actors, lit the shot, and comped greenscreen scenes in After Effects.

Now, I'm using this hands-on production knowledge as an Agency Producer, creating skillfully crafted visual communications to help build brands and businesses.

Behind the Scenes