Noah Posnick

The Best Producer and Production Consultant you don't know yet.

Let’s make you feel safe and cozy knowing that I can do what every other producer does and satisfy some keywords for the resumé bot at the same time. Here we go…

I’ve worked on stuff at varying budget levels with big clients that you’ve heard of in diverse business sectors on union and non-union jobs in multiple parts of the world that end up in a bunch of mediums. Wow, big breath now… I stay impossibly organized while juggling multiple projects under rushed deadlines and self-imposed pressure and do so with a smile on my face (did I mention I do all of that while watching Black Mirror?). Yes, I know how to budget, schedule, write an SOW and estimate, source, speak English to business affairs, triple bid, negotiate, cast, eat craft service, edit, animate, composite, conform, localize, deliver, and other jargon. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’m amazingly unique because I try to make the work better.

Now, maybe we should talk more specifically about why I’m the particular person you want helping you make cool stuff. And I know you can’t help but keep reading, because who doesn’t love lists?

4 things to consider in your judgement

Some of the Projects I've Consulted On

Some of the Projects I've Produced

4 Things and Ways About Me

  1. Since middle school, I’ve been a total film-gear-tech-nerd. I get excited about the latest high-speed 6-axis camera robot, plasma lights, and mocap and laser scanning companies. I love thinking and talking about these tools in terms of the possibilities to create things in ways we haven’t before.
    • Fun fact: a 20” c-stand in the US is called a Gary Coleman and I find this 80% funny and 20% offensive. In the UK, however, it’s called a Shotgun (as in sawed off) stand.
  2. I founded a production company, The Thrill Mill. And it was pretty successful for a bunch of years.
    • I guess that means I’m a self-starter with pitching skills who also knows how to hire, train, and manage people. Boom! Sorry, couldn’t help myself… I’m proud.
  3. Over the last three years, I’ve been working as a production cost consultant. Potentially every producer and vendors’ penny-pinching worst nightmare, but I’m not. And I have witnesses and testimony to prove that.
    • I introduce a healthy pessimism quotient to the process with a dash of some in the weeds production and post knowledge to make sure the right questions are being asked, all assumptions are cleared up, and no one’s going home with that prop Rolex. If I do my job right, the project is executed to perfection and I’ve saved everyone time and money along the way.
  4. I try to get breakfast with sales reps and EPs and take tours of post houses like in the good ol’ days I often hear about, but never got to experience. You learn so much more that way. Person to person contact is important to me.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I love a good #Slack channel and 30-long email chain, but when a project’s in a pinch, who do you think’s going to come through for you? The person you split that shakshuka and maple bacon waffle with or

Behind the Scenes

Power Pose Pump Up Playlist

For those times when I need a little something extra before an important meeting (and my second large cold brew isn't doing it). It starts and ends with Limp Bizkit.