Noah Posnick

Senior Producer and Production Consultant

I grew up on a soundstage and, by my tenth birthday, the thing I wanted most was an edit suite. After attending NYU: Tisch film school, my craft continued to evolve as I integrated an understanding of marketing and advertising strategy with a growing appreciation for the powerful connection between filmmaking and brand storytelling.

Over the past ten+ years I've enjoyed working on a wide range of projects: from large-scale international broadcast campaigns to quick-turnaround, lightweight content intended for social media platforms. I've been a part of successful videos that have racked up millions of organic views and been picked up by broadcast news.

My clients have spanned many industries - from beauty (Laura Mercier) to toys (Hasbro, Fisher-Price, WowWee) to tech (Skype) and packaged goods (Unilever, CVS, Godiva, Vitamin Water). While each job has its unique challenges, I've learned to approach every project with the same sense of wonder and enjoyment and every problem with imagination and grace. A balance of IQ and EQ is something I aim for both in my work and the way I work. Some of the things I tackle this way:

• Leading client and internal presentations
• Building and managing teams of freelance talent
• Sourcing and developing relationships with exciting new vendors, both local and abroad
• Budget estimate and contract negotiation
• Maintaining complex, simultaneous schedules
• Editing and Post-production supervision

Split between working with agencies and direct-to-brands, I'm now using my hands-on production and post knowledge to connect, guide, and skillfully craft visual communications to help build businesses. I’ve gained comfort working with cross-functional teams and in client-facing positions to deliver beautiful work that works.

Selected Work

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